Why an Evidence Base is a better way to make recommendations

As a researcher, your job is to analyse information and make recommendations. Think of your client or project as a vehicle, your recommendations are the GPS system guiding them to their delightful destination.

But, how do you know that you are making the right recommendations? How do you know you are not letting bias, weak research papers or time-constraints send your team down the wrong path?

Build an Evidence Base

Evidence Base is a research hub designed to help you quickly analyse data to make high-quality recommendations that are free of bias and backed up by the evidence.

Evidence Base uses the latest decision-making principles from academia, evidence-based medicine and policy. By incorporating them into easy to use software, Evidence Base helps you bring those processes into your own research so you can make smarter decisions - regardless of what industry you operate in.

On any project, researchers and analysts are the ones closest to the information and ultimately the truth. Therefore, we need you to lead us and be confident when you do.